Change Your Life With The Action Steps

Change Your Life with the Action Steps: 1, 2, 3!

What is your life like right now?


Is it what you’d hoped for?

What do you feel each day when you wake up?

Do you feel excited about the day ahead? Or are you dreading another day of boredom or stress?


Are you happy with your body and your mind? Or do you want to change?


The Secret To A Better Life

The secret to improving your life is really very simple. There’s just three steps. Here they are:

1) Determine what the problem is.

2) Research the possible solutions.

3) Take action!

That’s it. That’s all you have to do. Does that scare you?


The most important part is the last step, so from now on we’ll call these the Action Steps.


How To Apply The Action Steps

The Action Steps are simple, but they’re not necessarily easy, so here are a couple of examples of how you could use them to change your life.

Overweight And Out Of Shape

Imagine you’re overweight, you’re starting to get knee pain, and you get out of breath just walking around. You want to be able to move freely again.

Step One is easy here: the problem is that you’re out of shape. Step Two, then, is to do some research into how to get into shape. You might do this by googling some sort of weight loss topic, by reading a book about fitness, by asking a fit friend how they stay in shape. It’s better if you look at a few different sources of information, so you can be sure it’s accurate. Finally, once you’ve spent a few days to a week researching that, you’re ready for Step Three, taking action. In this case, you could start eating whatever healthy diet you’ve come up with, or you could begin an exercise routine. Since you’ve done your research, then the plan you’re using should work if you stick to it, so, after a healthy dose of effort, you should now be in much better shape. Ta da! You’ve changed your life.

Woeful At Work

What about if you’re unsatisfied with your job? Maybe you dread going to work each day, and you wish you could throw your alarm clock out the window.

Step One’s a little harder this time. We know you don’t like your job, but is the problem the job itself, your fellow employees, or the concept of work in general? You’ll need to do a bit of soul-searching here to figure out which one it is.

From there, you apply Step Two by researching what to do next. If you decided that the job was fine, but the problem was your manager, you could look into opportunities to do the same job for a different company. On the other hand, if the problem is that you hate the very concept of being employed, you’re going to need to research alternatives to the job-based lifestyle, such as self-employment. Once you’ve done that, now you can do Step Three, and take action by, for example, applying for some of those other jobs, or starting to build a side hustle. Life changed! You’ve done it again!

As you can see, in both of these examples you needed to put in time and effort. That’s a given with any sort of serious attempt to change your life. We’ll look at methods for following through what you start in a later post.

Take Responsibility: Change Your Life Today

Using the Action Steps, you now have the tools to deal with almost any problem in your life. Pick one problem at a time, and put the steps into action. Soon, your life will be transformed. It’ll be hard work, but I believe you can do it. Death to complacency!

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