How To Have Power: The Hidden Truth

How To Have PowerAre you feeling powerless? Do you wish somebody would give you permission to do what you really want? Well, you don’t need to wait around for that any more. I’m going to show you how to have power, power that you can start using today.

The Nature Of Power

Power is often treated by those who don’t have it as some sort of inaccessible, arcane mystery. But really, when you think about it, the definition of power is actually quite simple. All power means is the ability to impose your will on the world. In other words, power is the ability to change the world according to your desires.

Under this definition, nobody has limitless power, of course. As shown in the story of King Canute and the tide, even prime ministers and kings cannot alter the laws of the universe. But, on the flip side, this definition means that if you are alive and not in a coma, you ALREADY have some power. Everything you do affects the world, and you just have to figure out the right levers to push.

Hidden Power And Learned Helplessness

Now, a lot of people don’t realise this simple truth. If you asked them how to have power, they’d talk about having piles of money, or being a celebrity or politician. Maybe they’d mention being naturally blessed with talent and charisma, or physical strength. But these people have it backwards. They’re waiving their own power, abdicating from the throne of personal responsibility, and as long as they locate power outside the self, they’ll never realise how to change their own life, never mind the world.

Money, fame, and skills are not sources of power. They’re merely tools, which amplify your own willpower and energy. If you can get these things, they’ll help you change the world, but if you wait for some fairy godparent to bestow them upon you, you’ll be waiting a long time. You can’t afford to get stuck in this sort of learned helplessness. The only way to improve things is to set things in motion yourself. You have to ACT.

How To Have Power Over Yourself

If you’re not used to exercising your power, this might be sounding overwhelming. But don’t worry: you don’t have to fix all the world’s problems in a day. You can start small, by exercising power over yourself. Think of just one thing you want to change about yourself. Do it now.

Perhaps you’ve decided you need to lose weight or get stronger, to start getting your spending habits under control, or that you need to make more friends. Whatever it is, ignore the crabs who tell you it’s impossible to change, because they’re wrong.

Now, over the next 30 days, do at least one thing every day to bring that change into reality. You don’t have to spend very long on it each day – ten minutes would be enough to start seeing some effects – though, of course, you can spend longer if you find that you want to. Remember to follow the Action Steps: determine the problem (which you’ve done), research the solutions, and then take action.

At the end of the 30 days, if you’ve actually committed to daily action, your life should be, in that small way, better off. Congratulations on learning how to use your power!

How To Have Power Over The World

Once you’ve figured out how to change yourself, you can start trying to change the world. The important thing to realise here is that other people have minds of their own, and you can’t simply force them to think how you want them to think or do what you want them to do. What you do have, though, is influence.

Similarly to before, think of a problem in the world that you’d like to fix. Then, do some research, and spend a little time each day taking action.

Depending on the problem, the nature of the action will be different. If your problem was that your house is full of clutter, you might spend ten minutes a day clearing some of the clutter out. Want more plants in your area? You could plant something yourself, or you could start or join a campaign for more green space.

If the problem you’ve settled on is something like world poverty, then congratulations on being ambitious. For that scale of problem, it takes a lot of people’s power to achieve anything like a solution, so you almost certainly want to join some sort of organised group. Generally, you should be using a mix of tactics, including leveraging your social connections, and taking relevant direct action in your local area.

If you’re using your power to try to change people’s opinions, remember the old saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.” It’s easiest to persuade someone if you meet them where they are rather than starting from where you want them to end up, and if they just won’t drink, move on to the next person, and maybe try a different tactic. If they’re not ready to hear it yet, there’s no point wasting your energy on them.

Spread The Word

Now that you’ve discovered the truth about power, you can use some of it to spread the message about how to have power to your friends and family. Proper exercise of power is the key to personal development, and the first step on the path to happiness and freedom. Just remember: be smart about it. A little force on the right lever will have far more effect than all the force in the world in the wrong place. Now go and wield your power!

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